Thursday, November 17, 2016

How can a mother possibly kill her child?

Today I read a very compelling article called, "Why do moms kill their children?" This article explains why mothers might have the intent and/or desire to do this and this article also answers the question of, "Why do some mothers commit the unthinkable act of maternal filicide?" It says, "Mothers don't kill their children unless they are seriously disturbed," and the article expands on how they are disturbed. It stated, "Psychiatric studies on mothers killing their children and found most had depression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts." After reading this it shows that the mothers need help mentally and that they express their feelings on their children which can lead to negative effects on their children like death and abuse. It states, "She heard voices telling her to throw her children into the water," this further shows the mental illness that woman have and why mothers commit these unthinkable acts might not be because they want to rather because they don't know what is right from wrong. Since she heard voices it was like she had to do it and the voices didn't care about what she would really want to do and this caused her actions to cause death to her children. So the article answers the question of, "Why do some mothers commit the unthinkable act of maternal filicide," by saying that the mothers have a mental illness that they can't control which causes them to the unexpected and unthinkable.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Taoism and its effect on Chinese History

Today I read an article from the New York Times and it talked about how Taoist texts can deepen our understanding of early Chinese history. In the article it said that we can deepen our understanding of early Chinese history by not just looking at official dynastic histories and looking for who is a Taoist, but instead looking at the religious texts in the Taoist canon. People may say that you can't date anything from the religious texts, but this has changed and we now have the date for every document in the Taoist canon and this allows us to write more about the history  of the early Chinese since we have dates. Now that we have Taoist texts, it opens up another aspect of Chinese history that aren't just from official histories and things recorded in the emperor's official history. In the article they compared the Taoist texts as being the Gospel because in the Gospel they squeezed out information that are now in our history and the historians also want to do this with the Taoist canon to figure out more about the history of the early Chinese.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Are we living in a program?

I read a very interesting article called, "Are we living in a computer simulation?" This article talked about how everything in this world and universe is actually a giant computer prgoram and that everything is virtual. This idea was very intriguing to me because the thought of everything being virtual seemed impossible. The article gave reasons that support the idea that everything in reality is actually virtual because it said that the more we learn about the universe the more mathematical laws the universe seems to be made out of and that the universe is a function of the nature we live in. When I read this statement I also started to believe that reality is virtual because computer games are just functions and everything in the universe is math related like functions and comparing computer games to the universe makes a lot of sense because of the mathematics involved in both. The article also said that there is a 50/50 chance that our entire existence is a program and if that is true then that means that there is a programmer and the programmer is God. My english teacher gave a great analogy to a student that couldn't believe this at all by telling him that graphics in games have been getting better overtime and if we are programmed, we were programmed over a long period of time, so the graphics are going to be very good which would make everything seem realistic. I also have an analogy and it is that since the graphics in games started off to be very simple and then more complex it's like the growth of human life forms from cavemen to present day humans. After reading this article I also have a feeling that we might just be programs from God.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Holocaust and Book of Job

Survivors from the Holocaust have many stories to tell and some of them are told from Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum. Their stories are similar to that of Job because in the book of Job he was tested if he can keep his faith and love for God during hard times and during the Holocaust which was a difficult time for the Jews, they were also being tested if they can keep their faith in God. In both stories there is pain being inflicted because Job was inflicted with sores and Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum were also inflicted with pain from the labor being done. During these stories loved ones died and in both stories some Jews they lost their faith in God. These stories are also different because Satan didn't affect Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum directly, but Satan directly affected Job by applying sores on him. Job cursed out God, but some Jews kept their faith in God. Job was given sores by Satan, but the Jews were being hurt from other people. Also during the tests of the Jews, Jews died, but in Job's test God didn't want him to die and he didn't. God is testing us in many ways and God wants to know if we can keep faith during hard times we face and I think God is also doing this because of his talk with Satan and how Satan said that faithful people don't stay faithful after they are undergoing hard times.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Testing Job

Why does God test us when God should know our faith? I just finished reading the book of Job and there are many similarities and differences from this book compared to other books in the Old Testament. The book of Job is like the story of Adam and Eve because Satan was involved in both stories because in the book of Job, Satan was involved in making him suffer and in Adam and Eve he was involved in the temptation. Another similarity is that in the book of Job the Lord tested Job and the Lord also tests Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In both books they also "fail" the test given because Job cursed out God after he was suffering from sores and didn't stay faithful and Adam and Eve ate from the tree they were not supposed to eat from. The book of Job is different than the story of Adam and Eve because Job was inflicted with pain and suffering during his test, but Adam and Eve weren't. The book of Job also had more feelings and "show don't tell" than the other books of the Old Testament. Another difference is that Job's was a test of his faith, but Adam and Eve's was a test of if they follow God's commands. God is always testing us to see if we actually are faithful, but does God really need to? God knew Job was faithful, but after Job cursed him out, I wonder if God still thinks he's faithful.

Friday, September 30, 2016

First month of high school

It has been an amazing experience starting high school so far. I love all the freedom the high school gives and how we have iPads which allow us to do work in it and it makes my bag so much lighter. We are allowed to use our phones and since we are allowed to carry things around in our bags it makes walking around easier. I have been enjoying my teachers because of how good they are at explaining things. I also like their personalities which makes the class fun. I dislike having so much work and the amount of time and effort I need to put into studying and doing assignments. The high school is so big that I have to speed walk or run to my classes so I'm not late which is annoying. Tests have also gotten harder like Spanish and I have been having less time to do things like I usually do, but it allows me to focus on academics. Even though high school can give a lot of work it makes the weekend so much better because you can just relax knowing that the next day you don't have to do work in school.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mind map of God

God is portrayed as one who is almighty, perfect, and loving. I was also thinking that, but when I started to look at God as a character and characterized him in this mind map, I realized that the traits that he is portrayed as isn't really how he acts when I characterized him. This is a very interesting, exciting, and controversial topic because if God is represented as a character I realized that he isn't always loving because of the flood he used to kill his own creations and if he was so powerful why did he have to kill his own creations to take away the evil in them when he could've just taken it out of them? People may have answers, but no one knows for sure what the correct answer is to these questions, but this shows that God might not be who he seems to be because of what he does in the Bible which is different than how we portray him. I learned that characterizing things puts ideas into a whole other perspective that can be different than we already think. Even though I characterized him and found out all this information about God, my view point hasn't changed about him that he is loving and powerful because I believe God has a plan for humans and since he should know everything I think that because of God's decisions this is how humans are who we are today.